By Your Side Care Management has assisted countless families and their loved ones since 2014. By Your Side Care Management takes a multidisciplinary approach and focuses on the entire continuum of care, from providing in-home assessments and consultations through the management and resolution of complex cases and crisis situations.

See what our clients and their families have to say:

“By Your Side was incredible. Knowledgeable and caring team. They helped us move our dad from a private home to assisted living. Assisted all the way even after he passed. They were a trusted confidant and friend to our dad. Could not have made this journey without them.” -Gregg S.

“By Your Side Care Management is just that – by my side. The stress that came with putting my father in a memory care home and all that goes with it, including getting approved for Title 19, writing letters to Human Services, and everything in between has been significantly reduced by working with Katie and Carolyn. They are efficient and true experts at what they do. They are caring and get the job done right. I would be lost without their help and support. There is nothing they did not know or could not do. They are truly angels.” -Christina C.

“Katie and her team are wonderful! The team takes their time to listen and understand their clients needs and wants. I am pleased with their kindness and expertise. I fully put my trust in Katie and her team to give their clients the best possible care and outcome.-Robin F.

“Helping a loved one cope with the effects of aging is difficult, and By Your Side helped us to navigate the many services available to us to help, and to help us get a handle on just how much help my mother-in-law needed. Plus they were very supportive of us as caregivers. I would definitely recommend them.” -Denise M.

“The staff at By Your Side Care Management were there for us at the most difficult time in our lives. Deciding to “no longer fight” the cancer he had and go into hospice was difficult enough. Their compassionate guidance, help and phenomenal care made our lives less complicated than we could have imagined.

At a time when there is so much that needs to be done to take that final journey, they gave us the gift of concentrating on each other. They handled scheduling, explained procedures, dealt with the myriad of forms coming in each day. Their compassion, expertise, knowledge and care got us through. I could not recommend By Your Side Care Management more.” -Judy L.

“I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Katie and her team. She helped me through a very difficult time getting care for my father who had dementia. It is a very challenging time for any family, but even more so for me as I was handling it alone. They were so caring with my Dad and made him fell special. They had their eyes on him when I couldn’t, due to my full-time job, and helped arrange additional care when that was needed. Katie’s clinical advice and support were crucial when he was in hospice care. They became our extended family and for that my Dad and I will always be grateful.” -Kris M.

“At a time when our family was overwhelmed with so many decisions on how to best care for our dad, By Your Side patiently and thoroughly guided us through our options. Katie and Carolyn were there every step of the way to ensure our plan was executed seamlessly and our dad had the best care available to him during his final weeks, in the comfort of his own home. We’re so grateful to have been able to focus our attention on what was most important…cherishing our remaining time with our dad.” -Michelle W.

“After almost two years of trying to enroll a loved one in Medicaid and hospice, and being rejected three times, a friend suggested a care management company called By Your Side Care Management. By Your Side works hard on being an advocate for those in need of assistance. Carolyn and Katie from By Your Side were able to accomplish in less than three months what I could not do in almost two years. They took over the entire process expeditiously and without any delays. They handled all calls and paperwork. I am very satisfied with the outcome. I wish I had signed up for their services sooner. Thank you so much By Your Side!” -Isabel M.

“The hardest part of losing my 88 year old mom was how helpless I felt in trying to care for her after her Covid diagnosis. My mom was hospitalized to get her fluids and strength back after testing positive with Covid while living in a senior assisted living facility. Prior to Covid my mother lived independently and was able to shower, dress, and prepare food on a daily basis. 

The hospital cared for Mom for seven days and then without my consent transferred her to a care facility well over an hour away from me, saying she could no longer stay at the hospital, and her assisted living facility would not allow her back until she had quarantined for 10 days. That’s when the real nightmare began. The rehab facility they transferred my mom to would not answer my calls, they did not have private phones in the residents’ rooms, and the facility was also closed to all visitors due to Covid.

I was so panicked and distraught that I was unable to see and speak to my mom, who was used to daily contact from me. It was then that my sister who lives out of state and is a practicing attorney, was calling authorities to try and find a way to have my mom transferred to a different facility, or returned to her senior assisted living facility. My sister was referred to Katie Deprey, who upon hearing of our situation very quickly began working to gain access to my mom and the staff, and communicate with my mom’s senior living facility. Katie was so understanding of our concerns, extremely knowledgeable of protections and resources to help in the very confusing and emotional situation for me and my siblings.

When I was most helpless, Katie was the source of strength and counsel to work on my mom’s behalf. Katie provided so much assurance with her excellent communication throughout our ordeal. She stayed with us until my mom was resettled in a facility close to my home, and coordinated the hospice care my mother would sadly need until her passing three months later. Katie made an unbearable situation for me bearable, and I am forever grateful.” -Julie R.

“After the death of his wife, a friend in his late seventies enlisted our assistance as his power of attorney for both health and finance.  Since his wife had previously dealt with these concerns, he had limited experience relating to the management of his own affairs.  On numerous occasions, we were successful in finding a place for him in a senior living community.  Unfortunately, he found it difficult to accept certain policies and procedures required by these communities. 

He did not comport himself well especially as he vehemently insisted that their staff accommodate him by insisting they bring his medications at specific times throughout the day and evening.  His fixation on their punctuality became problematic at all the senior living communities.  As a consequence, he would seek another residency. Eventually he decided to place himself in a senior living community as an independent resident with his intent not to rely on staff to bring him his medications.  Instead, he chose to have his prescriptions controlled by himself.  As a result, he was over-medicating himself without regard for the prescribed times and dosage.  Fortunately for him on a day he overdosed, Katie Deprey of By Your Side Care Management, happened to find him in his apartment in time for him to be transported to and cared for by an emergency hospital staff. 

The director and administrative staff at the senior living community concluded they were unable to meet his needs and he was instructed he would need to relocate to a different residence.  Having already relocated him numerous times, we consulted with Katie about a placement for him that might be able to accommodate him for a long lasting stay.  Given her wealth of contacts and experience with the elderly and with those who care for them, Katie recommended a placement where the staff was qualified to assist him with the intention of keeping him as a permanent member of their community. 

We feel fortunate and profoundly grateful to her because her choice for his placement has been clearly beneficial for him as he has remained there longer than at any other time or place.  Also notable is Katie’s effort to aid us through the very time consuming process of obtaining Medicaid for him and securing his finances by means of a trust.  Additionally Katie continues to be available whenever we have questions.” -Mike R.

“Katie Deprey and her team were a phenomenal resource, without whom I could not have navigated the many complexities of my mother’s end-of-life.  Her team jumped right in (on a weekend, no less) and made things happen in a sensitive, appropriate, knowledgeable way that was time-sensitive. 

They let me be a daughter again instead of a jack-of-all-trades, frantic, overwhelmed caregiver.  

Thanks to Katie, I knew my mom had the best possible care and I was comfortable knowing I had an ally and knowledgeable, experienced  guide. I still made all the decisions – but I made them thoughtfully and fully-informed. 

My one regret: I should have called Katie sooner.  She jumped in with both feet and within one day, helped me evaluate mom’s care, find options, and move mom to a different provider — all while I was across the country dealing with a household move.  

Katie is a true professional, an incredibly knowledgeable and connected partner, and a compassionate and caring doer. She gets all the issues from both logical and emotional angles, and had just the right touch with me and the many others involved in mom’s care. 

Katie Deprey and her team were amazing partners who helped me do right by my mom.  I know I did the best I could and made mom proud – and for that, I am enormously grateful to Katie and By Your Side Care Management. A job well done.” -Mary B.

“By Your Side Care Management is the best! Thank you so much for all you do for people. I love my job when I can recommend a resource that is so respectable, kind, and acts with such integrity.” -Local Area Information and Resource Professional

“My family and I would like to thank both you and Betsy for your assistance with our Dad, it was a great help. We appreciated everything you both have done for our family. Thank you both again and on behalf of our dad’s family we appreciated all of your help. I don’t think we would have gotten this far without your assistance.” -Pam P.

“Have gotten great advice and direction on caring for my elderly mother. Katie and Betsy are very knowledgeable in the field of elder care and also are extremely familiar with the resources in the Ozaukee/Washington County areas.” -Mary T.

“Katie met our dad’s physical and emotional needs by giving him skilled nursing care and listening ears. She went beyond the call of duty to help our family as we sought guidance for our dad’s end of life decisions and transition to hospice care.  No one likes to face these hardships in life, but it’s made easier when supported by caring and professional help.  Thank you, Katie!” -David R.

“Shortly after my aunt moved to independent living, she developed some health issues.  That is when Katie came to the call and not only provided transportation to her doctor appointments, but acted as her advocate during appointments by providing the doctors with her health information and helping my aunt understand the doctor’s treatment plan.  Had my aunt been living in her own home at that time, I don’t know where or who we would have turned to for assistance and counseling as wonderful as Katie’s. Katie has been a true blessing in that she genuinely cares about her clients and goes the extra mile in keeping all parties informed as to her client’s well being.  I received regular email updates or phone calls as to my aunt’s health and concerns from Katie, which eases my worries about my aunt’s health.  She has even responded to my calls after normal business hours, much to my relief.

Katie addresses her client’s needs by providing services which allow her clients to live independently and gives them and their families peace of mind, knowing that professional help is so close at hand.  My aunt is able to remain independent.  Her trust and friendship with Katie is warming.” -Scott S.