“After almost two years of trying to enroll a loved one in Medicaid and hospice, and being rejected three times, a friend suggested a care management company called By Your Side Care Management. By Your Side works hard on being an advocate for those in need of assistance. Carolyn and Katie from By Your Side were able to accomplish in less than three months what I could not do in almost two years. They took over the entire process expeditiously and without any delays. They handled all calls and paperwork. I am very satisfied with the outcome. I wish I had signed up for their services sooner. Thank you so much By Your Side!” -Isabel M.

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Why contact a Geriatric Care Manager? Read this exerpt from The New York Times from a family who contacted a care manager to assist:

During one especially dicey period with my mother, then in an assisted living facility, my brother and I hired a geriatric care manager, first for a consultation and then for additional help at an hourly rate. It felt like such an extravagance, given that we weren’t rolling in money, but the care manager helped solve a series of complex problems that I doubt I’d have solved by myself, mostly involving brokering a compromise with the facility, whose management wouldn’t let me hire a private aide for my mom but could not provide what she needed.

Relations had soured to the point that all I could do was scream at them, which was making a bad situation worse, so having an advocate was a blessing. Also, the care manager, who visited regularly with my mother, often was privy to concerns she was keeping from me, and she was always there for me by telephone, which was a lifesaver.

SOURCE: The New York Times