“By Your Side Care Management is just that – by my side. They are efficient and true experts at what they do. They are caring and get the job done right. I would be lost without their help and support. There is nothing they did not know or could not do. They are truly angels.” -Christina C.

By Your Side Care Management provides quality personalized care management and patient advocacy to meet every individual’s specific needs. The knowledge and expertise of Registered Nurses, Social Workers and Professional Patient Advocates combine professional excellence and experience to meet the medical, physical, social and emotional challenges we face as we age.

By Your Side Care Management is a highly competent, thorough, and dedicated Care Management team with unique expertise in the medical, social, legal issues and needs of our clients. We seek to form a TEAM between each person, their family or support system, and service providers by identifying key goals and engaging the needed resources to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our services include:


  • Identify/facilitate high quality and appropriate living arrangements
  • Follow up to verify plans meet needs and expectations
  • Provide cost estimates for services
  • Recommend personally reviewed/trusted home care services


  • Review medical history and/or records to verify proper reimbursement
  • Follow up on doctor recommendations
  • Verify correct medications with healthcare providers
  • Medication set up
  • Confirm medications are dispensed correctly


  • Bill paying assistance
  • Work with experienced accountants and elder law attorneys to form comprehensive financial/legal plan for clients’ healthcare needs
  • Provide honest and ethical resources as a guardian, financial and/or healthcare power of attorney


  • Work with local Departments on Aging
  • Explain local cost saving and financial resources


  • Recommend personally and professionally reviewed home care services based on need and geographic location
  • Ensure services covered by insurance are properly covered


  • Accompany clients to office visits, urgent care or emergency room/hospiatal as needed
  • Frequently assess client to ensure physical, emotional and financial well being
  • Prompt, personal response to care needs 24/7


  • Provide timely and accurate communication to client family, physicians, and others as approved by client


  • Properly initiate the processing of clients’ long term care coverage
  • Assist with obtaining and utilizing Medicare, Medicaid and Family Care Resources

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