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Telestroke Hits the Mainstream, but Can Other Specialties Follow Suit?

Telestroke — the delivery of expert neurology care via remote videoconferencing to patients who may have suffered a stroke — is the fastest growing trend in stroke care and is one of the most widely adopted and accepted uses of telemedicine.

Indeed, telestroke is viewed by many as a “backbone” for acceptance by providers, payers and patients, but it’s unclear if other specialties can replicate the successes of telestoke. And telestroke still faces similar hurdles to implementation and reimbursement as other telemedicine specialties. Continue reading

Paro the Robo-Seal

It might be the cuddliest medical device ever to cause an ethical quandary.paro the robo seal

Five years ago, a Japanese robot manufacturer introduced Paro to the world. Built to resemble a baby harp seal—with a plush coat of antibacterial fur—Paro was hailed in Japan as a pioneer among socially interactive robots, one that would help lift the spirits of millions of elderly adults.

Watch Japanese nursing-home residents interact with Paro, a baby seal pet-therapy robot.

It never quite caught on. “It doesn’t do much other than utter weird sounds like ‘heeee’ or ‘huuuu,'” says Tomoko Iimura, whose adult day-care center in Tsukuba City keeps its Paro in a closet. Continue reading