Beware of the “Grandparents Scam”

Grandparents ScamParents across the country will spend the next month fretting for the safety of their children as spring break ensues and college students are left to their own devices in Daytona Beach, South Padre and Cancun. Elsewhere, police warn of those looking to prey on families’ worst fears with scams and fraud.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has put out a notice to families of college students warning of what is commonly known as the “grandparents scam.”

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Spring Cleaning a Senior’s Home

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caregiver-senior-kitchen-seperate-recycle9Back in the olden days, spring cleaning meant scrubbing or laundering every surface of the house to remove the dark, sooty grime that built up from using candles, kerosene lamps and woodstoves throughout the winter. It also meant throwing open all the doors and windows of the house to get the stale winter air out and let in the fresh fragrance of spring.

Today, the modern marvel of electricity has spared us the sooty grime, but the refreshing tradition of spring cleaning remains. It’s an especially important routine in homes where seniors may no longer be able to keep up with regular housekeeping chores.

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